Georgia Gun Club Serves Alcohol

Many question the safety involved in the controversial combined gun range and bar.

Gun range in Georgia will offer bar to members

For those of you who think alcohol and firearms don’t mix (and, yes, that’s everyone), two new business owners in Georgia are looking to prove you wrong.

Opening in late December or early January is the newest gun range, The Governor’s Club, in Powder Springs, Ga. And attached to the gun range is lounge that serves alcohol to its members. According to its owners, guests will have their ID cards marked upon entering the lounge, rendering them unable to return to the gun range for the rest of the day. While firearms are not allowed inside the lounge — lockers are available for members to stash their weapons — members are allowed to pick up their firearms when leaving the lounge.

In answer to obvious concerns about weapon possession and inebriation, the owners nod to a Georgia law stating that individuals with gun permits are allowed to bring their weapons into restaurants serving alcohol. They also plan to follow standard measures for most gun clubs, including background checks and contracts for members. Still, some community members remain concerned about the radical facility.


As one mother said in a local television interview: “I mean, that’s just stupid.”