'George Costanza' Partners with Famed SoupMan

After it gained notoreity from 'Seinfeld,' Jason Alexander gives SoupMan new stardom

The 'Seinfeld' 'No soup for you!' episode; Alexander has signed on as the new SoupMan spokesperson.

It looks like the hatchet is buried between "George Costanza" and the hard-hitting Original SoupMan: the soup franchise, which gained notority after its featured spot on Seinfeld, will pair up with Jason Alexander as its spokesperson.

Said Alexander in a statement, reported by the Huffington Post, "I think it's great coming full circle with Al's Soups... I lined up with New Yorkers for years for his amazing creations. Then we had one of the greatest episodes of Seinfeld ever, somewhat at his expense. But now, I get to make amends by helping bring his recipes to everyone."

Even though the SoupMan's most known for its Seinfeld connection (who could forget Costanza's trembling order?), Alexander isn't the only celebrity spokesperson to jump on board the brand. Joining Alexander are Reggie Jackson and Shaquille O'Neal as spokesmen, says a press release from the Original SoupMan. The company plans to expand with more restaurant openings (like the San Francisco opening in 2011) and the shelf-stable Tetra Recart packaged soups.

While Alexander says his new cry will be "Soup for you! Soup for everyone!" we still wish we could re-enact the whole Seinfeld episode. Watch the clip below for a mid-week laugh.