Genius Cider Ad Parodies Apple Store

Tagline: 'Less apps, more apples'

Be honest here: How awful are Apple stores? They're usually crowded, with people who probably know more about computers than you do, and there are plenty of sticker shock opportunities to get you feverishly counting the money in your bank account.

So for those who want a similarly hyped-up experience (with equally clean walls and helpful sales people), there's The Somersby Store, with less apps and more apples. Touting their cider, the questions don't really make much sense (i.e. Is it wireless?). The parallels drawn aren't exactly casual; taking a sip is "downloaded," while holding the drink in your hand is your "normal docking system." Uh huh.

Still, the ad itself is pretty smart, poking jabs at the iPad and leaving you with a "feel good" vibe a la Coca-Cola. "It works perfectly in direct sunlight," the ad says, which makes us just want to leave the office and jet-set to California for a hard cider.

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