General Mills' Green Giant Makes A Comeback

General Mills is reviving the Green Giant in an ad campaign that is sure to bring waves of nostalgia. He's been around since the 1920s, but had fallen out of the spotlight when General Mills first acquired Pillsbury in 2001. Fortunately for the adults of America who want to relive the good old days, the Jolly Green Giant will now be featured on TV.

The Green Giant's new message is making healthy eating fun while pushing his "One Giant Pledge," where families resolve to eat one more veggie a day for 30 days. On Facebook, followers can download his trademark "Ho, ho, ho" as a ringtone! He also offers a tool kit to help families stick to the Pledge, including a 30 day veggie tracker, new recipes and ideas for incorporating more veggies and a certificate of completion.

Also heavily advertised on Facebook is the One Giant Pledge: High-Five the Green Giant in NYC! event to be held on October 2 at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Kids will have the opportunity to "participate in a cool augmented-reality experience" and interact with the Jolly Green Giant. Other great appearances include veggie jugglers and gift bags.

As reported by, this is just the latest in a trend of bringing back classic icons to connect with consumers.

So, to sum: the Green Giant's got an image makeover, new TV ad and a revamped Facebook page. But if you still can't get enough of the Green Giant, he's also on Twitter