Gene Simmons And Wolfgang Puck Present: Rocktoberfest

Kiss' iconic lead singer Gene Simmons and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck are partnering to bring Oktoberfest to Los Angeles, aptly named Rocktoberfest.

The celebration will kick off Oct. 15 with a charity gala hosted by the dynamic duo benefiting the Wounded Warriors Project, which helps wounded military veterans adjust to civilian life. Wolfgang Puck's dinner menu is designed to be a modern spin on traditional Oktoberfest fare, such as bratwurst, schnitzel and sauerkraut: "We are bringing the flavors of China, Mexico – wherever beer is loved!"

Rest assured it will be well-loved this week.

Rocktoberfest promises a "jam band" featuring Gene Simmons and friends, as well as a stein holding contest and a lot of lederhosen. The festivities will close with a craft brew festival highlighting over 50 different craft beers to raise money for The GRAMMY Museum, "an exciting and interactive celebration of the power of music."

This isn't the first time Simmons' has hosted a beer bash – Father's Day won the lottery earlier this year. Who knows? Maybe in 2013 he'll throw one for St. Patty's.

We'll keep our fingers crossed.