Gang Arrested For Selling Pot In Candy Packages

Several members of an East Harlem gang were arrested this week, which can't have been that much of a surprise for the guys who filmed rap videos about selling pot in Sour Power candy wrappers and posted the results on YouTube.

"If you want the sour," they rapped, "come to 118th and Lexington."

Interested buyers would be directed to the Nessin Deli bodega on the corner of Lexington Ave. and 118th, where they could find the Sour Power packages sitting innocently on a shelf as though they were just sour-flavored sugary candy instead of illegal narcotics. The drugs sold for $10 per Sour Power bag.

According to the New York Post, the Sour Power packaging was a pun on "sour diesel," the name of that particular variety of marijuana.

"It has a real pungent, cat urine smell," said John Hourican of Manhattan North Narcotics in an interview with the Post. "You know you're buying the sour diesel if it smells like cat urine."

Fifteen alleged gang members and two bodega employees were arrested. Investigators said the Nessin Deli was closed as a public nuisance, and the owners were suspected to have known about the shenanigans going down in the Sour Power aisle.