The Future Is Now: 5 Outstanding Pieces Of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology may just be the future of fashion. Much like those science fiction movies you grew up on, the future is now and that means what you wear can keep track of your daily life — from a dress that emits smoke to a jacket that updates your Facebook status. Whether or not you like the idea of being connected 24/7 through your garments, wearable tech is a reality and soon you won't be able to avoid it. Besides, if you're already glued to your smartphone, you may as well make it easier on yourself and just wear it.

What makes these pieces so interesting isn't just what they can do, but how art and technology are combined to create unique fashion statements with purpose. New York-based designer Dr. Sabine Seymoure told Smart Planet that in ten years, she pictures walking through Central Park wearing a garment that can cool her down when it gets too hot and change color depending on her mood (which already exists).

Soaring past Google Glass and smart watches, these electronically-enhanced clothing items are paving the way for our future — whether you like it or not.