Funniest Menu Mistakes

Part of the fun when you travel is tasting the local flavors. It's always fun trying new dishes at restaurants; it's all part of the adventure, right? Stepping outside your comfort zone and trying foods you may not have normally considered trying can be a great opportunity for personal growth. Some dishes, though, may be a bit more adventurous than others. We're not talking about trying guinea pig while traveling through Peru; instead, we are talking about dishes that are probably completely harmless, but whose names have been completely lost in translation.

Flickr/royal sports club


All Thai food is pretty much amazing, but this dish leaves us a bit worried.


The first two choices look just the littlest bit better. Don't you agree?


A made-to-order hamper. That's exactly why we chose this café!

Flickr:Kevin Slavin

We're guessing maybe this is one pastry that's filled with beans, but either way we've lost our appetite.


Fried what now? That can't be right. All things considered, it sounds like it could be meaty.

Alexandra E. Petri

Ok, so it might not be a menu, but still, this one leaves us scratching our heads.