Funnel Cake Recipe Add-Ons That Are Worth Every Calorie

There is something about theme parks and carnivals that make us forget that we ever watched what we ate. The corndogs, the cotton candy, the candied apples... they all make the carnival experience a magical one. But most beloved of all has to be the funnel cake. The truth is, you probably shouldn't indulge in funnel cake too often. After all, the fried confection on its own can add up to 760 calories a serving.

Adding any more decadence might just tip the scale... but after looking at these gorgeous funnel cake recipe upgrades, we promise you won't even care about the calories any more.

Chocolate Funnel Cake

HOLY goodness. The addition of chocolate is officially how you make a can't-get-any-better situation even better.

chocolate funnel cake


Bacon Funnel Cake

Oh come on. It isn't fair.

bacon funnel cake recipe


Blueberry Funnel Cake

Get. In. Our. Bellies. Plus it is fruit, so it is healthy, right?

funnel cake


Red Velvet Funnel Cake

We have to be dreaming...

red velvet cupcake


Funnel Cake Cupcakes

Scratch that. We are dead and went to heaven.