Fun Foods for Football Fans On Dialysis

Learn how you can still have a great Super Bowl Sunday no matter what your diet is!
Healthy Super Bowl Food? Marlene Koch Believes It's Possible

The 'Eat More of What You Love' Author Gives Her Tips For Satisfying Snack Options

Football fans planning to host Super Bowl parties across America this weekend understand that prepping for these get-togethers can be daunting – from making the food to pouring the drinks and creating the desired atmosphere. And for those of us with friends and family members on dialysis, preparing a meal that meets their need for foods low in potassium, phosphorus, salt and saturated fats can be even more difficult.

But no need to worry. For The Daily Meal readers facing that challenge, hosting the ultimate game-day party just got easier. As a professional chef and host of Food Network’s cooking show “Big Daddy’s House,” I’ve been working all season long with Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), the nation’s leading dialysis provider, to create delicious kidney-friendly tailgating snacks for dialysis patients and their families. As an aficionado of all things football, I’ve created a couple of new mouthwatering recipes just in time for Sunday’s game. Follow these links for instructions on how to prepare delicious Buffalo Chicken Salad Stuffed Cucumber Cups and Dry Rubbed Barbecue Turkey Wings. Developed with the help of FMCNA dietitians, these dishes are guaranteed to satisfy the whole crowd, while also meeting the dietary needs of those on dialysis.

Combine these recipes with the healthy Super Bowl party tips below, and you’ve got yourself the formula for a perfect game-day party. For more recipes please visit Ultra Care Dialysis.

Five Tips for an Easy, Healthier Super Bowl Party

1. Remember the basics: Don’t forget paper plates and napkins.

2. Stick to low-stress recipes: Foods that use simple ingredients and tools will let you spend less time cooking, and more time watching the game.

3. Make a grocery list and read food labels’ nutrition facts: Advance planning and careful shopping can help you avoid making poor choices in football food.

4. Provide salt-free snacks: To satisfy your guests’ crunchy cravings, slice corn tortillas into wedges, spray with non-stick cooking spray and bake for 20 minutes. For extra flavor, brush with lime juice and sprinkle with your favorite salt-free seasoning mix.


5. Make food ahead, in individual servings: Pre-cooking and portioning, when possible, makes meals faster and easier to serve, and to clean up. You’ll also be less likely to overeat.