Frysmith Truck: Food Truck Fries from Cheddar Chili to Poutine

Food Truck Fries from Cheddar Chili to Poutine

The "truck with fries that eat as a meal" serves them exactly the way you’d think they would — they "throw stuff on top." Lots of it, with a great ratio of toppings to really well done, hand-cut Kennebec potatoes fried twice in canola oil to make sure they’re crispy enough — and you’re much less likely than usual to find yourself with those dry straggler fries at the bottom of your cardboard boat. But toppings can vary at co-owners (and married couple) Brook Howell and Erik Cho’s truck depending on the season.

The Frysmith food truck serves the requisite Cheddar and chili cheese fries made with Angus all-beef (beer- and chocolate-laced) chili. But menu items get a bit more far-flung with kimchi fries topped with Kurobuta pork belly, onions, and Cheddar, and the Rajas fries loaded up with fire-roasted poblanos, caramelized onions, and shawarma-marinated steak under melted Jack. Yes, there’s a vegetarian option, the vegan chili fries with tomato, mixed beans, soy chorizo, smoked paprika (with or without cheese), and that seasonal menu means that even when it doesn’t get cold late in the year in LA, poutine variations (most recently with short rib) make the rotation.

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