Fruit Sniffing: The Latest Diet Craze?

According to The Daily Mail, new research indicates that smell can dictate making better, healthier food decisions. Well, that is if you are sniffing the right stuff. Psychologists at the University of Bourgogne, in Dijon, France have unveiled new research that implies being exposed to fruity smells before making a meal decision may influence the sniffer to make a healthier food decision.

The psychologists had two sample groups in separate rooms, one sprayed with a pear scent and the other in an unscented room. After 15 minutes, the groups were lead to the same buffet and asked to pick out a meal. With the exact same options available to both groups (a dish with or without fruit and vegetable options), those who smelled the pear scent chose a little more wisely when it came to the dessert options.

"Three out of four participants who did not smell fruit beforehand plumped for the unhealthy chocolate brownie, compared with less than half the 'pear' group," cites the article.

So if you're looking to squeeze into that summer bikini, you may want to try sniffing your favorite fruit odors before you head out to dinner!