Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier Than Ice Cream?

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The froyo boom is in full swing. Everyday there's a new "artsy" cliché Instagram picture of a stark white background and swirly vanilla froyo topped with a variety of colorful sour candies. These quaint shops are full of couples going on first dates, sorority girls gossiping and old friends reuniting. What has caused this infatuation with ordering frozen yogurt instead of grabbing an ice cream cone like the good ol' days? Is the obsession with froyo just a fad, or is there a sensible reason behind the madness? I have some good news: frozen yogurt IS technically healthier for you than ice cream! Is it necessarily a "healthy snack?" I'll let you be the judge of that.

Coldstone French Vanilla Ice Cream

Pinkberry Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt

Size: 'I Love It'/Medium-227 g

Size: Small-225 g

540 calories

225 calories

22 g saturated fat

0 g saturated fat

125 mg sodium

146 mg sodium

60 g carbohydrates

47 g carbohydrates

52 g sugar

47 g sugar


Photo by Bari Blanga

It turns out that Pinkberry's small size is the same size as Coldstone's medium size; however, the ice cream has more than twice as many calories. The bad news is: the other factors like carbs and sugars are pretty darn close to being the same. Keep in mind, this doesn't even include the mini candies we are all guilty of adding.

My best advice? Go on your froyo dates with whomever your heart desires, just don't go every day of the week. Try out some of the fresh fruits instead of the sour gummies, or "Sugarpova candies" as Pinkberry calls them. You're not eating carrots and hummus, but you're also not devouring a container of Ben and Jerry's, so go ahead and reward yourself with a little froyo date. Oh, and don't forget to Instagram it.


Photo by Bari Blanga

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