Frozen Cocktails For Hot Days

There are few things that we enjoy more on a hazy, hot, and humid summer day than an icy-cold cocktail. And we've tried all kinds of delicious frozen drinks, from a slushy daiquiri to a refreshing Brandy Milk Punch.

But arguably the most creative recipe we've found so far comes from Seattle. While the city is famous for its soggy weather, temperatures in August can get into the 90s with bright sunshine. And when that happens, locals head to Boka Restaurant & Bar, located inside the high-tech Hotel 1000, for its signature menu of tasty Grown-Up Popsicles.

Guests who order the treat are given a tumbler with a frozen cube of non-alcoholic ingredients (basically the mixers and the garnish) on a stick, along with a jigger of a house-infused spirit. Pour the liquor into the glass, and as you stir it together, the mixture becomes a super-chilled elixir. Fortunately, we were able to get Cory Duffy, the establishment's bar manager, to share with us the formulas for two of these creations: the Big Breezy, which calls for peach purée, lime juice, and blueberries, and is paired with a shot of Ketel One Oranje Vodka; and the Patio Punch, which includes prickly pear purée, lime juice, and mint leaves, and is paired with a shot of Effen Cucumber Vodka.

Click here for two recipes for the Big Breezy and the Patio Punch.

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