Froot Loops-Flavored Vodka to Make Toucan Sam a Total Lush

Thanks to Three Olives vodka, now there's Loopy, a vodka that tastes like a bowl of Froot Loops

While the season premiere of New Girl last night showed us just how dangerously delicious fruity drinks are, we still want to try this latest flavored vodka invention: Loopy, a vodka that tastes just like a bowl of Froot Loops.

Courtesy of Three Olives, Loopy reportedly tastes like the milk left over from a bowl of Froot Loops, which makes us think the team was more inspired by Momofuku than everyone's collective childhood nostlagia. But hey, we wouldn't say no to cereal milk vodka, or something like PDT's Cereal Milk Punch.

Anyway, the website already has some recipes like Loopy Lata (Loopy vodka, rum, piña colada mix, and grenadine) that are bound to get Winston a little weird (if you haven't watched New Girl, do it now) and Toucan Sam just a bit confused. We're hoping for a Trix vodka next, although, you know, Trix are for kids. So that probably won't fly.