Frontier Tavern Adds to Unique Menu

The West Town joint in Chicago is serving more than just pork ribs

A whole pig is one of six whole animal options on the Frontier Chicago menu.

Frontier Tavern in West Town is trying to add a new unusual dish to their signature whole animal dinner menu: llama.

According to DNA Info Chicago, the restaurant on North Milwaukee Avenue has become famous for serving dishes like a whole pig, a whole goat, and even a whole alligator.

The dishes tend to serve twelve to fifteen people, and are served with a number of sides such as five-cheese mac and Caesar salad with polenta croutons.

Though despite the six whole animal options, the menu seems to be missing a whole llama, which Chef Brian Jupiter hopes to add next month. Jupiter told DNA Chicago, “Everybody says they’re farm-to-table. I like to say we’re wild-to-table,” and that since beginning this trend, purveyors reach out to him with other exotic options like iguana.

Though the audience at Frontier Tavern tends to be male, Jupiter added a twelve-pound Skuna Bay salmon to attract female customers.


Jupiter has served llama before, and he plans to cook the meat by wrapping it in beef caul fat and then smoking it.