Front of the Line: Bordeaux Château Tour

An insider's look at France's most famous wine region

A look into the Bordeaux wine region.

Roger Morris, a regular contributor to The Daily Meal's Drink channel, is a veteran wine, food, and travel writer based in rural Chester County, Pa., and the author of the blog Been There Tasted That: A Journal of Living. He and his wife, artist and photographer Ella Morris, recently published their second book on food, "The Brandywine Book of the Seasons."

Front of the Line is a new series of regular illustrated articles and videos in which Morris shares with dedicated wine and food lovers behind-the-scenes looks at some of the special moments in the world of food and drink. The mission of the series is to provide access to rare occasions that often can't be duplicated by the lay person.

Click here for the Bordeaux Château Tour slideshow.