Friendly's Unveils 'Nor'easter Pothole' Limited Edition Flavor

Potholes are one of the least fun parts of winter weather, but Friendly's has taken one of the season's most aggravating features and turned it into something cool, with a new "Nor'easter Pothole"-flavored ice cream.

According to, Friendly's new edible take on potholes is made of chocolate ice cream swirled with "black tar" fudge, cookie "gravel," and chocolate chips to stand in for asphalt. It certainly sounds more pleasant than hitting a pothole and having to change a tire in the middle of February.

Potholes may be an inescapable fact of life, especially in New England, where Friendly's is based, but Friendly's new Nor'easter Pothole ice cream is just a limited edition flavor.

It won't be around forever, but it's available now in grocery stores along with two other limited-edition ice cream flavors. In addition to Nor'easter Pothole, Friendly's latest collection includes Celebration Ice Cream Cake, with a layer of blue icing-flavored ice cream sandwiched between two layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered crunchies, and Purple Potamus, which is a mixed berry ice cream with chocolate chunks. For more ice cream facts, check out these 10 things you didn't know about Friendly's.