French Town Protests Lack of McDonald’s

French protesters took to the streets because they want a new McD’s
Wikimedia/Karel Schmiedberger ml.

French protesters took to the streets to demand a new McDonald's in their town.

French people were protesting in the streets yesterday to demand the opening of a new McDonald’s in their town.

According to The Local, McDonald’s is actually very popular in France. French people come in second only to Americans when it comes to consumption of Big Macs. But still it is surprising to hear that about 200 people in the northern town of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise mobilized with signs to protest at the site of the new McDonald’s, whose construction has been held up by red tape in their town. 

“Given the number of people mobilized, they cannot close their eyes,” one protester asserted.

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The movement in support of a new McDonald’s in the area set up a Facebook page and has already received over 4,000 likes from McDonald’s supporters. In addition to desiring more Big Macs, the locals say they want the new McDonald’s for the approximately 30 jobs it is estimated the new store would create if it were to open.