French Restaurant Refuses To Serve Muslim Women

A restaurateur in a suburb of Paris is in the hot seat today after allegedly refusing to serve two Muslim women who tried to go to his restaurant Saturday night, and the whole thing was caught on video.

According to the BBC, two Muslim women wearing hijab attempted to enter a fine-dining restaurant called Le Cenacle in Tremblay-en-France last night, but the restaurant's owner told them to get out.

A video, allegedly taken by one of the women, shows the owner of the restaurant asserting: "Terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists."

One of the women said she did not want to be served by racists, and the owner snapped back that, "Racists don't kill people."

"I don't want people like you at my place. Full stop," the restaurateur said in the video.

In light of the video, which became public knowledge not long after the incident, the restaurateur attempted an apology in front of his restaurant on Sunday morning, insisting that he had gotten "out of hand" due to having lost a friend in the terrorist attack on the Bataclan concert venue last November.