French Baker Busted For Working Too Much

Famed French baker Stéphane Cazenave ran afoul of the authorities this week and has been censured for keeping his bakery open too long.

According to The Local, Cazenave holds the 2014 title for creating the best baguette in France. Recently, officials in his town of Saint-Paul-les-Dax in southwestern France noticed that his popular bakery had been open seven days in a row for at least two weeks straight, and it turns out that is illegal in France. Any shop that serves bread is required by law to close for a 24-hour break at least once a week.

Cazenave's bakery will reportedly be closed on Mondays from now on, but the baker is furious about it. He says the missed days will cost him €250,000, and says he will have to cut some employees to make up for the loss.

"People see me like a thug just because I asked to work," he said. "Working shouldn't be a crime in France."