Vending Machine Gives out Free Tea for a Tweet

This smart machine will give you free tea when you send it a tweet

With more and more companies using social media these days to increase their consumer base, you may think you’ve seen it all. But you haven’t seen this: the vending machine that will give you free tea in exchange for a tweet. A South African soda company has invented a vending machine for their BOS iced tea line that dispenses a free drink when you tweet at the machine.  

To get the tea, you have to tweet with a special hastag and geo-tags. Not only does the machine respond to your message with the iced tea of your choosing (there are five varieties to choose from), it can also recognize your Twitter handle and respond back to you. There’s an LED screen that will display your name and, the next time you check your Twitter, you might even find a tweet asking how you enjoyed your tea.

The machine, which goes by the name BevMax 4-45 or ‘Bev’ for short, is located in Cape Town. If you happen to be in another part of South Africa, don’t worry: the company regularly brings their machine on tours around the country. (There's also talks about bringing the machine on an international tour.) If you're in Cape Town, you can test out what has been called “the world’s most advanced vending machine” for yourself. Until then, we Americans may have to just Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, and Foodspot our favorite drinks for the time being.