# world hunger

A $7.99 donation provides a box of food to a family in need
Only 11 million children worldwide were obese in 1975, compared to 124 million in 2016
The mushy growths could have life-sustaining potential
The company says that the drone’s shell can also be used for shelter or fuel
Scientists believe quinoa is more than just a trend: It’s a “supercrop” that could be used to alleviate hunger issues worldwide
Obama signs Global Food Security Act into law, aims to invest in small farms to target productivity and increase food security
The product would consist of meat grown using animal cells, potentially revolutionizing the agriculture and the food production
A new USDA report warns that climate change poses serious risks to food security for the US and the world in years to come

Glad Products Company is committed to raising awareness around the issue of food waste. 

Opinion: Italy’s Expo Milano 2015 may not be a game-changer in terms of world hunger