# whopper

The restaurant chain highlights its flame-grilled burgers in the campaign
Burger King has been asked to apologize for trying to edit the Whopper Wikipedia page after the Google Home ad was released
Burger King will swap those white elephants for free burgers in Miami, London, and Brazil
A traditional Hanukkah treat will be combined with a Burger King classic
Whopper-burrito hybrid will be at participating restaurants beginning Aug. 15
Does a burger really also need to be a burrito?
Chain incorporates regional tastes to better serve international markets
Burger King Brazil created a Whopper air freshener that smells like the famous fast food burger and pranked customers with it
A Burger King employee penned an encouraging note on a cancer pateint's order
Burger King has announced yet another colorful bun, and this one is made with hot sauce and available to American customers