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An 84-year-old man in Pennsylvania had been operating a slaughterhouse in his basement and selling the meat to food markets
The Food and Drug Administration will finally begin testing for residues of glyphosate, the world’s most common pesticide
The USDA will announce new SNAP guidelines that would make it easier for food stamp recipients to access healthier groceries
The USDA has determined that pesticide residue levels found in foods produced in the US do not pose a safety risk to consumers
On the heels of a landmark decision to remove countries of origin from beef, the USDA is getting ready for another big labeling
Campbell’s has just become the first major US food producer to voluntarily label all genetically modified ingredients
Updated nutrition guidelines urge Americans to cut back on salt and stick to lean meats for protein
The price of beef trimmings, used to add fat to hamburgers, has hit a record 10-year low
The Department of Justice has begun investigating the role of Blue Bell’s management in mitigating its listeria outbreak
326,016 meals were recalled for suspected hard plastic or glass inside meal