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“The path out of poverty is proving to be too slow for too many,” Ban said of the wide gap between food wasters and the food-insecure.

Eating bugs is the norm in many countries around the world. Would you hop on board?

This ambitious goal would see our carbon footprint cut in half in 15 years.

Instead of building a McWhopper, McDonald’s is raising awareness for a global cause
This is the second time in six months that the WFP has been forced to reduce its level of food aid to Kenya
The International Whaling Committee has dismissed Japan’s proposal to resume whale hunting as a form of scientific research

The agency's executive director warns that halting food aid to Syrian refugees will be "disastrous."

We are going to have to start paying attention to primary sources like farming in order to keep up with international food demand.
UN expert pushes for food to be a legally binding human right
United Nations organization reveals its annual statistical report on agriculture