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Walmart is testing out blockchain, a new database technology that can monitor packaged food before illness spreads
These women presented at the Change Food Fest conference last weekend in New York City
Advances in technology allow Anheuser-Busch to complete delivery route without driver intervention
The Taste Buddy is being developed by scientists and will help picky eaters by making unappealing foods taste like candy
Talk about taking your drink experience to the next level
Experts forecast that the new creation at Xavier University in Cincinnati will sell 300 pizzas a day
The new mobile app Wine Ring will build a personalized taste profile to help you choose
A boozy take on a Christian miracle — only this time, the miracle is pure science
Four European delivery companies will begin to use the technology, potentially permanently altering the food delivery business
The product would consist of meat grown using animal cells, potentially revolutionizing the agriculture and the food production