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Samsung announced a collaboration with Grubhub on its latest smart fridge that will order takeout for you
The 6-year-old said she was talking to “Alexa” when she accidentally ordered a very pricey dollhouse and the cookies
Quince, the three-Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant, is raising eyebrows over its truffle dish served on an iPad
NoFoodWasted has also helped grocers save 18 to 25 percent of food a month
Excessive use of technological devices is a factor in a sedentary lifestyle
Üllo is a wine-purifying system designed to remove sulfites, the additive in wine that is thought to cause wine headaches
Selffee has dubbed itself “The Edible Photo Booth”
Starbucks introduced investors to a new products and features, including new artificial intelligence called My Starbucks Barista