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The proposed “latte levy” would add a 34-cent tax to every disposable coffee cup sold
A German tech company went to court to prove it wasn’t serving breakfast
Batali ominously warns that the widening wealth gap and continued tax cuts for the rich will soon reach a breaking point
The owners of Sushi Samurai are accused of using illegal software to commit tax fraud
The UK’s exit from the European Union may force Cadbury to sell smaller candy bars for the same price
The chef skirted $1 million in sales tax in Illinois
Supporters say cutting taxes will ‘help spur new and innovative products’
Procrastinators beware: This payment option is a multi-step process
One of the most popular chocolate companies in the world is being slammed with criticism for tax evasion in the UK
The proposed Distillery Innovation and Excise Tax Reform Act would lessen federal liquor taxes by up to 80 percent