# sustainable seafood

The person who removes the most lionfish will be named Lionfish King or Queen and get a lifetime fishing license
Bluefin tuna, one of the most sought after fish in sushi preparation, is nearing commercial extinction
Educating yourself on sustainable fishing practices is critical for the welfare of our oceans
The World Trade Organization has previously ruled that US guidelines for tuna discriminate against Mexico’s fishing methods
Because of pet food brands like Fancy Feast and Meow Mix, the US is currently the leading consumer of slave-dependent seafood
Microbeads, once found in your face wash, are now in the oceans and have affected how well oysters can survive and reproduce
Expanded bigeye tuna catch limits for Hawaii’s longline fishermen have angered conservation experts
DC Coast, the restaurant that brought sustainable seafood to downtown Washington, is closing after 17 years
Historic Fishing Town of Monterey, California, Gets New Funding to Focus on Sustainable Sourcing
‘Eat American seafood. A much greater variety than we currently do. Mostly farmed filter feeders’