# Per Se

Eli Kaimeh has passed the torch to his former executive sous chef
Dominique Crenn made her debut lower on the list than expected, while Cosme and Daniel dropped off completely
Thomas Keller has launched a ’30-for-30’ dining experience, meant to attract young diners to the world of fine dining
American chefs, led by Thomas Keller, won the Bocuse d’Or international cooking competition held biennially in France
Thomas Keller is opening up a beach-side restaurant in Miami in early 2018
A former Per Se employee is suing the chef and his restaurant group for passing her over for a job because of her pregnancy
Kids eat free for one day, September 18, at Thomas Keller’s elegant Per Se in New York City
Thomas Keller disappears from World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, as Per Se drops to number 52 and The French Laundry to 85
In an interview with The Splendid Table, Per Se chef Thomas Keller explained the proper technique to salting your food
After a less than favorable review in the New York Times, Per Se’s chef and owner has promised to “do better for our guests”