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While the number of listeria cases continues to grow, salmonella and E. coli cases have actually gone down
A father and son pled guilty to allowing the sale of ‘adulterated eggs’ into commerce
Salmonella in Northwestern Texas may be spreading after an outbreak at a steakhouse
USDA proposes a new set of legal standards in response to rising percentages of salmonella in chicken

It’s a bad time to cook a rotisserie chicken in England.

For the third time in several months, raw sprouts have been linked to foodborne illnesses across 10 states on the East Coast

Several recent salmonella outbreaks may have set the United States back in the rankings.

The FDA has admitted that they do not physically inspect most foreign food that is imported into the United States
Random testing turned up dangerous amounts of salmonella in Serrano chile peppers at Meijer stores across the country
Of course, the CDC and USDA are on it, despite staff cutbacks