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Food poisoning expert Bill Marler has sworn off these six food items and advises that all consumers do the same
A new guidance by the UK Food Standards Agency changes a long-held warning against raw eggs
An investigator has concluded that on the whole, the FDA issues recalls of tainted food products much later than necessary
General Mills issued a voluntary recall of about 10 million pounds of flour that has sickened at least 38 people so far
In what appeared to be a prank among employees, a Wingstop staffer was caught shoving her face into raw chicken
More than a dozen products from Wonderful Pistachios have been recalled following confirmation of a salmonella outbreak
Product tested positive for salmonella during routine sampling
Salmonella poisoning is scary stuff. Be aware of the risks you face when eating this food
Salmonella is not only unpleasant, it can also be very dangerous
Marler has represented victims of almost every food poisoning scare in the last 20 years