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Cookbook ‘Lexi's Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life’ is set to release Nov. 8
Recipe courtesy of Lexi's Clean Kitchen
Recipe courtesy of Lexi's Clean Kitchen
Do you really need an excuse to make these?
Cassy Joy Garcia’s new cookbook is built around an easy-to-follow 28-day regimen
Cold treats all made with non-dairy ingredients and unrefined sugars — but we bet you can’t tell the difference
Recipe excerpted from Fed & Fit: A 28 Day Food & Fitness Plan to Jump-Start Your Life with Over 175 Squeaky-Clean Paleo Recipes
The roasted garlic adds serious depth of flavor and the coconut milk provides a delectable creaminess
If you’re are frantically looking for ANY recipe with chocolate, I promise these will hit the spot
Paleo recipe complete with eggplant slices for “noodles,” the meaty Italian red sauce and creamy coconut milk “béchamel”