# Oscar Mayer

Frankly, this is a pretty hot gig
The change in ingredients could potentially boost sales in the hot dog category for both brands
Proceeds from the winning bid will benefit Stop Hunger Now
Oscar Mayer will be moving from Madison, Wisconsin, to Chicago, which will result in a net-loss of 2,600 jobs
Do you wish you were an Oscar Mayer weiner?
Bacon lovers can meet other eat-alikes with this clever new marketing promotion that doubles as a real dating app
Oscar Mayer has issued a massive recall due to a mislabeled sell-by date on turkey bacon packages
Oscar Mayer has introduced Bacon Jerky and ‘Old World Style’ deli meats just in time for the back-to-school-season
Hold off on buying these dogs for awhile because they actually contain cheese!
Oscar Mayer has introduced an expansion of its 'Deli Fresh' cold cut line