# new menu item

Oven Crisp Chicken is available as a meal with two sides, a salad bowl, a sandwich, and a wrap
Wendy’s brings back its Bacon Mozzarella Burger for a limited time
Sandwich is among a number of new menu items the chain is testing in select markets
Chicken Fries Rings is a new take on Chicken Fries, in ring form
New menu item joins fan favorites, which cost $5 when ordering two or more
Sandwich was created in response to customer demand for new menu items
Taco Bell’s newest menu item is available nationwide, beginning today
The launch date of Taco Bell’s “highly anticipated” menu item will be announced during Super Bowl 50
Varieties include Chicken Marsala Ravioli, Smoked Mozzarella Manicotti, and Lobster Ravioli