Pence said it was ‘one of the coolest birthday cakes’ he’s ever had
Scientists in Peru have discovered a strain of potato that can grow and thrive in Mars’ harsh conditions
University of California, San Diego engineering students are putting forth a plan to test yeast fermentation on the moon
The 3D printer designed by NASA is coming to concession stands at concert arenas and theme parks across America
Growing potatoes like the astronaut Matt Damon played in ‘The Martian’ isn’t so far-fetched after all
If you thought eating in space was cooler than it is on Earth, you were right
Tim Peake, a British astronaut, has perfected the art of a making a perfect cup of tea in space
Some scientists think that comets such as this one provided essential ingredients for the origin of life on Earth

‘To boldly go where no malt has ever gone before…’