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A Muslim man in Michigan is seeking $100 million in a lawsuit over a mislabeled pepperoni pizza at Little Caesars
Donate $10 to Breaking Bread and you’ll get a list of restaurants that are serving the cuisines of the affected countries
CEO Howard Schultz announced this two days after President Trump’s executive order banned immigrants from Muslim countries
Swedish food personality Anders Vendel claims that he was beaten up by Muslim men for looking like the US president-elect
Treats Family Restaurant in Lonsdale, Minnesota, sparks controversy with its divisive ‘Muslims Get Out’ signage
Muslim shop owner told to start stocking alcohol and pork or risk closure
Women were asked to leave according to a seating limit, but there were plenty of open tables in the restaurant
The woman, a 60-year-old Christian from Aceh, was whipped nearly 30 times for selling alcohol in violation of Sharia law
Saudi restaurants usually separate men and women, and this Starbucks was ‘forced’ to ban women after its gender wall collapsed