# m&m's

Red is still short and bald at the end of the day
The original holiday commercial ended with a giant cliffhanger
And it’s not even that healthy
This is what it would look like if an M&M and an Oreo cookie had a baby
The newly announced triple-layered M&M’s candies won’t be coming out until Valentine’s Day 2018
Vanilla Cupcake has been leaked as the official M&M’s spring/Easter flavor
The latest iteration of the popular Mars candy is a white chocolate cheesecake variety
Caramel M&M’s will be released next year for Mars Inc.’s 75th anniversary
The new fan-voted M&M’s flavor is coffee nut, although it sadly doesn’t contain any caffeine to give you a buzz
Contenders include Honey Nut, Coffee Nut, and Chili Nut