# marshmallow

The gourmet marshmallow retailer XO Marshmallow is opening its first fast-casual shop in Chicago
Black Tap is debuting a towering Peeps milkshake only for Easter Sunday
The latest Oreos are bright pink and golden and taste like the popular springtime marshmallow treats
Oreo’s newest cookie innovation will likely be hot cocoa-flavored and will appear on shelves in 2017
The regular Milano cookie is stuffed with a thin layer of chocolate and marshmallow crème, making for a sweet holiday treat
Recipe comes courtesy of 'The Art of The Cheese Plate' by Tia Keenan
Dominique Ansel has a host of new desserts at his recently opened Tokyo location, including this marshmallow flower
A survey brought to you by Cheetos has found that 20 percent of Americans feel guilty after eating candy Easter animals
Nyarshmallows combine cats, marshmallows, and chocolate for a deliciously adorable treat
You won’t believe the range of dishes you can make with toasted marshmallows