# Jiro Dreams of Sushi

We recommend that you make reservations months in advance, maybe even before you buy your airplane ticket

‘What I didn’t understand when I was just looking at the beauty is just how torturous it is.’

According to a tipster, while rumors of a tasting menu seem on target, and Daisuke Nakazawa is involved in that he and Borgognone are partners in their hospitality group and this is a new restaurant from their hospitality group, the concept has yet to be determined. Nakazawa may not even be the new restaurant’s head chef.

The upcoming restaurant on Grove Street will not serve sushi and will accept walk-ins, unlike Sushi Nakazawa
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President Obama got to dine at the famous Jiro restaurant, something most of us only dream about.
Monday morning, a fire broke out at the three-star Michelin sushi restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro.
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