# Japanese

This bar is pretty much doing the exact opposite of what every other chef in the world is trying to accomplish.

Lotteria, a Japanese fast food chain known for its weird burgers, created this white rice, ramen, and tofu burger
The Orbi Yokohama theme park will be serving an entire fried frog stuffed between two black buns

“Table for one” doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

This ad for Japan’s telecom giant DoCoMo is supposed to show off the company’s speed, but just leaves us hungry
Japanese food is different depending on the region
Kobe Bussan Group’s new Midtown West shabu-shabu restaurant will be followed by more restaurants and a downtown supermarket
The latest manicure trend in Japan takes the art of sushi to a new level
A bald customer enjoys his beverage (and discount!) at Otasuke in Tokyo.
Natto is pretty difficult for most people to even look at...would you be able to eat several bowls full?