# Japanese

The chef behind Haru presents the newest fusion: Japanese-Italian
Recipe comes courtesy of Chef Ross Evans, Executive Pastry Chef at Kuro
Recipe comes courtesy of Chef Alex Becker, Executive Chef and Hotel Creative Culinary Director at Kuro
Enjoy a traditional yakitori kaiseki dining experience in a serene and modern atmosphere
Japan will be serving Cold Stone Creamery’s first-ever soft serve ice cream starting this week in Rich Milk flavor
The Daisho Fishery Company has made shark-shaped tea bags that are probably not for the faint of heart
An ice cream shop in Japan — Hakuichi — is selling soft serve covered entirely in gold leaf and it’s only $8 USD
A Japanese gastropub, serving small bites and ramen, is now open at Whole Foods Market in Columbus Circle
Mensho, a chain of ramen restaurants in Japan, is introducing ramen bowls filled with chunks of dark chocolate this February
Bananas, burgers, and eggs – oh my!