# immigrants

Immigration agents sat down and ate at Sava’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, before arresting several employees
Hennessey's Tavern in Dana Point, California, is facing backlash for their insensitive festivities
Four customers say they were humiliated at a California restaurant when they were asked to prove they were American
1951 Coffee Company, a coffee shop in Berkeley, California, is staffed by people who have fled wars in tumultuous countries
Starbucks claims that boycotts for their decision to hire 10,000 refugees has not hurt sales or customer satisfaction ratings
While many establishments supported last Thursday’s protests, at least one penalized those who took time off
Mom and pop restaurants and national chains like McDonald’s shuttered their locations yesterday after national protests
Chef Andrés is among those participating in the “Day Without Immigrants” strike in Washington D.C. on Thursday
Sanctuary restaurants are like sanctuary cities: They are safe places for undocumented immigrants to find work
The Trump Vineyard Estates applied for six visas for its seasonal foreign workers this year