# hops

In terms of beer, hops can be used for aroma, flavoring, and bitterness
BrewDog will be the first beer hotel in the world if a crowdfunded campaign is successful in Columbus, Ohio
91.8 million pounds of hops are expected to be harvested in the Pacific Northwest
A small town in Slovenia known for hop plantations has plans to construct a functional beer fountain
Drink up Washington’s Best at Yakima’s Fresh Hop Ale Festival
Washington state hops farmers want to assure IPA enthusiasts that they are actually expecting a crop abundance this year
The state of Washington, where most of the industry’s hops are grown, is currently experiencing severe drought
Angry Orchard debuts its first product using hops, an ingredient usually reserved for craft beer
The number of craft beer barrels consumed has just surpassed Budweiser barrels this year
Sweden’s microbrew scene is in alarm over potential hops shortage