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In order to compete with the likes of David Chang’s Maple, Seamless has expanded turnkey to New York’s outer boroughs
GrubHub shared some Sweet 16 statistics in anticipation of March Madness finals, and the most popular dessert may surprise you
Uber will launch a full-scale meal delivery service called UberEats across 10 cities by late March
GrubHub has banned the sale of the highly controversial shark fin, used to make shark fin soup, within its restaurant network
GrubHub has revealed that deep dish pizza wins by a landslide for favorite food ordered on New Year’s Day
GrubHub compiled customer data from 2015 and noted trends in food preferences, like spikes in international foods
Is there a peak age range for frozen yogurt consumption? If so, we might have found it

It’s becoming easier and easier to be a lazy couch potato. 

Maple chefs prepare the food in-house, delivering a limited, changing menu to your doorstep every day for lunch and dinner
GrubHub will start delivering food directly to customers, beginning with a small number of restaurants