# GrubHub

Vietnamese pho was the most popular food ordered during the awards show last year
GrubHub released data on the ‘lucky’ food orders in the Boston and Atlanta areas during big game wins
Samsung announced a collaboration with Grubhub on its latest smart fridge that will order takeout for you
Grubhub released its list of 2016 takeout trends both nationally and regionally, as well as trend predictions for 2017
Give the gift everbody really wants: food delivery
TIME developed quiz using data from Grubhub
Grubhub unveiled a new reviewing platform that will rank restaurants by three different aspects: speed, accuracy, and quality
GrubHub partnered with HBO to create delivery options based on hit HBO shows like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Girls,’ and ‘The Sopranos’
GrubHub data shows that Americans are ordering more healthy food than ever, with an 82 percent spike in arugula salad alone