# Godiva

Sweets for the sweet, any way you slice it
A look into how Godiva used hundreds of pounds of dark chocolate to recreate the New York landmark
The officer was arrested and has been suspended without pay
The line features some bold infusions, including dark and milk chocolate with mango and passion fruit flavors
G by Godiva is a collection of six bars made of six different Mexican chocolates, including the trendy new blonde chocolate
Godiva’s newest summer drinks are the raspberry and rose Chocolixirs, as well as chocolate-dipped berry cones
Pumpkin’s reign of autumn dominance continues
Godiva Chocolatier has announced that they will now be selling soft-serve ice cream at Godiva stores
Get your chocolate fix with the new truffleata. Pictured: salted caramel, chocolate lave cake and strawberry creme.
Welcome the Year of the Horse with these tasty treats