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More than 5 million gallons of wine were falsely labeled
Belle Gibson lied about curing cancer to boost the sales of her cookbook and mobile app
An Italian court says restaurants can’t serve frozen food without telling customers
A video of workers dumping tubs of unmarked beer into Budweiser cans in a factory in China has gone viral
Scientists have used DNA testing to determine that almost half of sushi and raw seafood is mislabeled
President Obama implemented a rule that would require at-risk seafood products to be inspected from net to price tag
Castle Cheese CEO who pled guilty to for lying about her ‘100 percent Parmesan cheese’ may do her time at a soup kitchen
These men allegedly took part in the horse meat scandal that plagued UK supermarkets in 2013
The former executive for the snack food company pled guilty to defrauding the company out of $1.4 million
Six wine bottles supposedly made by wine legend Domaine de la Romanée-Conti were thrown out of a Geneva auction for fraud claims