# The Foodish Boy

From making tofu, to polishing off his wok skills, the Foodish Boy gets the inside scoop on cooking in a Vietnamese kitchen
Through the freezing cold and blistering heat, the world traveler demystifies the rice wine
Chef Peter Gilmore’s outstanding haute cuisine ranks him among the best chefs in the world
He works with infamous chef Colin Fassnidge
The Foodish Boy works at Chila, ranked at number 24 on our 101 Best Restaurants in Latin America & the Caribbean list
The Foodish Boy gets immersed in coffee culture at Daterra, Brazil's first sustainable coffee farm
The Foodish Boy takes a train ride to Machu Picchu, and experiences working in the kitchen of the luxurious train Hiram Bingham
He gets a look behind the scenes at Virgilio Martínez’s restaurant Central, while peeling hearts of palm
And learns a thing or two about how to make — and drink — this Mexican potion
Our contributor continues his year of food jobs, handling some more unusual ingredients in a Mexican kitchen: ants and worms